Thursday, February 14, 2013

A-Z The Universe In Me

A-Z the Universe in Me by Michal Y. Noah
This book is well written and very encouraging. It instills within the young reader many encouraging thoughts and ideals to make them stronger in who they are. There is a continual flow through the alphabet of lettered words to engage the reader of order and clarity of the lettering system. There are many positive influences that the author points the reader to within themselves and others around them. Powerful words are used such as: Confident, Determined, Magnificent, Valuable, Wise and X-traordinary. The graphics are incredibly clear and helpful to paint a beautiful picture of what the written word is saying. While I understand the author is making the book very open concerning any religious views, the only negative I found was the word universe used several times rather than God. However, with the concept of trying to get placed in public and school libraries I certainly understand the general wording. This wouldn't keep me from sharing this book with others.
This is a book that I personally would find enjoyable to share with younger children and feel while not only would the words build them up and encourage them, the graphics would capture them. 

5 of 5 stars

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