Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now or Never; A Step-By-Step System For Reaching Your Most Important Goals in 21 Days - Ryan Jeffery

Ryan Jeffery in his book entitled: "Now or Never; A Step-By-Step System For Reaching Your Most Important Goals in 21 Days" helps the reader learn new creative steps in becoming a more goal oriented individual. He deals with such issues as: Time, Health, Relationships, Finance and other topics to move the reader toward a more determined lifestyle of choice and happiness. Author Jeffery shares a wonderful story of how he was involved in an accident which could have easily taken his life. He chose the following day to attend church and share his gratitude toward God of saving his life. While he realized that he could have been killed, he also realized that the book that was within him had to be written as he couldn't be promised other opportunities. There is a strong indication that we must seize the day and opportunity that lies before us, never taking life for granted.
This book helps the reader dig down deep, making some life choices to better themselves to become the person that God desires for them to become. Author Jeffery explains how 21 day cycles seemingly repeat themselves over and over within a person’s life and how we must take advantage of them to become a better individual. There are daily assignments and exercises that enable the individual to grow and stretch to become that awesome individual they desire to become. Finally at the end of the book is a 21 day goal form that will help the reader to focus on the changes they desire to see within their life in the next 21 days. The writer's "Now or Never."

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers Favorite

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