Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When You Have to Be the Man by Sabrina Blount Watson

Author Sabrina Blount Watson explores in great detail the challenges that single mothers face and how they can truly be effective in leading their son or daughters life by a powerful example if they will in fact trust God to first lead them in the direction they should go. There are discussions dealing with; "How Did I Get Here?" and "Are You The Problem?" which are great foundations for this book and gives the reader many places to search from those basic yet profound questions. "When You Have to Be the Man" is a great book dealing with how a single mother can fill the vast role that is left vacant by a male figure not in the household. While there are various reasons that a child may be raised without a male role-model, it still impacts their life. The responsibility of the single mother is to do what is best for their child and instill God's value and purpose within their lives.
This book is filled with great discussion questions as well as a place for the reader to write responses and make this a very personal and rewarding book. There is a section dealing with the "ABC's of Single Parenting" which I found to be very helpful. Author Watson also has a resource section as well as a website section that will enable the reader to explore this subject in greater detail in ways that will best benefit them in their situation. This is a very well written book and one that I feel could be a great tool to be used within the local church for single mothers. This tool could be a great discussion guide for a small group and help encourage single mothers to not get discouraged or overwhelmed with their present situation.

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers Favorite

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