Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ENCOURAGE-MINTS: Give a Mint, Refresh a Life - Carol Freed

When you’re wondering how to find strength for the journey called life, remember God's Word and be encouraged. When you are encouraged, then take that encouraging word and share with someone else who needs a pick me up and breathe encouragement into their soul. Remember the time when you needed help and someone poured into you? Take the time to share that same love, insight and encouragement into the heart and life of one who needs a pick me up.
Author Carol Freed in her book: "ENCOURAGE-MINTS: Give a Mint, Refresh a Life" helps the reader to find ways to encourage others. Maybe we think what we have to offer is small, but encouragement seems to multiply when we offer to give it away. The book encourages the reader to believe that what they have to offer is great and supportative for someone in need. Sometimes we must even give from our need, not when everything is perfect and going well. Author Freed gives encouragement to give away refreshing hope and praise to others around you and in doing so things within your life will be lifted as well.
While this is a very short book, it is one that gives great ideals of how to be a difference maker. It would be a great tool to be used for hospitals, churches, counseling, etc... Everyone needs encouragement, why not start with someone today and determine to make a difference right where you are planted. "ENCOURAGE-MINTS" bringing together the positive for a lasting difference.

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers Favorite

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