Friday, January 4, 2013

The Epic of God

Michael Whitworth in his book; "The Epic of God" does a beautiful job of weaving the story of creation and other biblical stories into this fine book. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph are just a few of the main characters detailed within that keeps me turning page after page to follow their life's story. 
There is a great weaving of details that are within the pages that allow me to be transported deep within the story in a very easy manner. While the author writes with great penmanship and the use of words in a very flowing manner there is also the richness of depth of the biblical meaning found within. It appears that most all of the major points found in Genesis are covered and given enriching thoughts and meaning. 
The author also includes, "Talking Points" at the end of each chapter where he gets even more personal with the reader. I find these few pages at the end of each chapter are very rewarding and beneficial. I appreciate how the author speaks of his own personal life and experiences. He allows me as the reader to relate to him on a personal manner.
Covering the Book of Genesis the author helps me to see how my life can be valuable by learning from those in the past and looking forward to my future while enjoying my present. Preparing my life for eternity is the closing point of the book and a great way to allow me to look within my life for spiritual direction.
5 of 5 stars

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