Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When The Song Left The Sea

When the Song Left the Sea

Hector meets a lovely lady named Sara, who was nearly twenty years his junior.  While age may have created a distance within their lives, they found great peace in each other's arms.  This lasted until the day he realized what she was truly like.  She was someone who wanted more than what Hector had to offer.  She finally exited the family to find a life on her own after the birth of their son.  Hector's sister soon became the child's surrogate mother and helped to raise him.  It was years later when Sara sent a letter desiring to see her son David.  This brought much confusion and raised many questions among them.  After much thought Hector wrote Sara telling her that she could come see her wonderful child.  He was still uncertain of why she left, but didn't want to bring any punishment to her, feeling she must have experienced enough of that on her own.
Sarah was a lady who made her living by taking care of the needs of men.  She did this until she was beaten black and blue and knew she must return to see her son and change her course of life.  When she returned she was warmly received by Hector.  While he knew her life was filled with regret he felt much the same way.  He felt like such a failure in life yet she praised him for the man and father he had become.  
David nearly died in the ocean but the legend has it that the whales saved him.  While his dad pulled him to shore, it was the whales that came to his rescue.  Love is clearly evident in the life of this son and father.  
While life is hard on most people it behooves us to remember that all things can become better if we will only trust and believe.  We don't have to throw in the towel and quit, rather we can succeed if we will just keep pressing on.  Hector helps us to see this and provides inspiration for the reader.
4 of 5 stars

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