Thursday, September 20, 2012

Talk Like A Winner

Talk Like a Winner: 21 Simple Rules for Achieving Everyday Communication Success

Author Steve Nakamoto does a fantastic job within his book of helping every person who desires to become a better communicator.  This book isn't about skills needed to become a professional speaker, rather what each person who engages in normal conversation would need to learn.  Simple instructions that pay huge dividends if one would follow the author's advice.
There are suggestions such as:  Learning how to listen to the other person within the conversation; engaging the person rather than talking about one's self; responding with the best reply by reflecting upon the respond before speaking.  These along with so many others are shared within the pages of this well written book.
This is more than a list of things to follow in textbook form, rather written in an enlightening way with stories, laughter and common language that every reader can relate to.  Learning from personal examples of the author and knowing that each of us aren't perfect helps the reader to develop his/her own style of learning to reach out to others in winsome conversation.
While so much emphasis is spent on what to say, the reader will find within this book there is a great amount of emphasis place on things other than the words that are shared.  There are other important elements mentioned within such as; the atmosphere of where the conversation is taking place, being positive in a negative situation, sharing the best about someone rather than their worse.  There is a section on being positive and how to share those thoughts with others helping to encourage others and to build them up as a person.  This type of conversation makes one a winner.
There are many great points and suggestions found within the book that every reader can learn and take something from this material. This is a great tool for anyone who desires to become better at conversations with anyone they come in contact with.  I would recommend this book as a great resource for business leaders, marriage retreats as well as the individual who desires to become better in relating with others.
5 of 5 stars

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