Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gaston's Secret: The Lottery Child

Gaston's Secret: the lottery child

Author Gaston Cavalleri shares his own personal experience within this book.  He shares about being raised in less than ideal conditions.  He was raised, for the most part, by a single mother and his brother a drug user.  The living conditions were less than desirable but they always tried to make the best of every circumstance.  
Gaston seemed to always get into trouble.  When he was low on gas, he would become the runaway bandit by filling up with gas and driving off.  He never seemed to be caught for those transactions, but the police did pull him over frequently because of the neglect of his automobile.  It seemed something was always about to fall off or it ran in poor conditions.  Without funds to make the automobile run and look better he had to just keep driving and deal with the police.
While he takes the reader down his life explaining the difficulties that he and his family had, he also shares about a new day that changed everything when his mother told the family she had won the lottery.  This caused family, friends and enemies to come out of the woodwork seeking their share of the new found funds.  These newfound funds allowed the family to find better living conditions and drive better automobiles.  Gaston traveled more and enjoyed the different cultures that he encountered.  
This book will take the reader along the journey of someone who has nothing and then has a great windfall of wealth and how it affects them. You will see the ups and downs the good and bad associated with how this man was changed.  While this isn't a book that captured my full attention it was interesting to see how finances make a difference within one's life.  I did enjoy learning more about how wealth impacts a individual, yet my greatest difficulty was the amount of strong language found within the book.  This is certainly a read for a more mature audience as the author writes how he feels and speaks but not appropriate for the general reader.  
4 of 5 stars

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