Monday, September 24, 2012

On the Road to Success

Eunice Elizabeth Nash has written a very informing and enlightening book.  She endeavors to open the mind of the reader to allow them to see there is more available for them than what they may have experienced thus far in life if they will follow her steps on the road to success.
Taking charge of one's life, being positive, working hard and having the right support team around oneself is a strong foundation that Eunice tries to convey to her readers.  She knows that thinking about it isn't enough, one must work hard and endure to make one's life successful.
Being motivated, having energy and being a team player is vitally important in how far a person will be able to go.  She also points out that the support of others around you is important for those long stretches when it seems all is impossible.  While everyone desires to move forward in life making a difference, one must do so with strong ethics and being able to live with themselves.  
Balancing one's personal, work and social life is very hard to accomplish and even more so when you are working for yourself rather than someone else.  Balance is key and Eunice helps the reader to better understand that.  There are Self Analysis Exercises throughout the book that will help the reader better understand who they are and how to move forward to be more effective.
While this is a very short book, it is filled full of insight, wisdom and truth.  I would easily recommend this book to anyone who desires to move forward in their personal, social, or work environment.  
5 of 5 stars
I received this copy from Dorrance Publishing Company for my honest review.

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