Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hope Springs

Hope Springs

Cash Tate has written a very heartwarming and entertaining book as she takes the reader through a southern community that is filled with hope while hiding their past. So much of the past has stayed the same, including the black church and its neighboring white church. While they get along in their separate locations they aren’t inclined to come together as one. The reader will be engaged in historical struggles through the small group of ladies who meet at the local restaurant and call themselves “soul sisters.”
Hope Springs is very entertaining and moves along at a nice speed never allowing the reader to become bored.There are many new events that seem to pop up at just the right time to create a new level of interest. For instance, there is a sibling that has been hidden for years because one parent was black and the other white. This allows the reader to see a sense of hurt, pride, honestly and respect come together in the middle of uncertainty.
Becca was the character who grabbed my attention as she lead a small ministry and then was catapulted into the big spotlight of a major ladies ministry that traveled and held conferences. While she gets the call to come and does a marvelous job at the event, something happens that causes her to understand that humility comes before honor. I won’t spoil the outcome of this event, but this is one that many readers will be able to relate to and find inspiration for their own lives.
Grandma Geri gives so many family members, church attendants and neighbors wisdom and insight into life if they will only take time to listen. We find it hard to slow down today to listen, but in doing so we would allow the Holy Spirit an opportunity to speak to the heart and learn nuggets of wisdom. So from the youngest child, to the eldest adult in this book, you will find characters who are relational and almost real as you if you only allow your mind into the world at Hope Springs.
This book has so many happy, challenging and inspirational stories, but I want you to read them and learn from them without creating spoilers. I hope you will pick up a copy today and began a great adventure that is Hope Springs.

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