Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To Apologize To Your Woman

Apologizing isn't a easy task for most people, so author Karen Field Bolek goes into detail of the importance of apologizing and the reasoning behind it.  Many men see it as a sign of weakness, and for some women they could as well, however when done in the right context it is very beneficial for both parties involved.
How a man leads is vitally important to his lady.  If he is a dictator then there will be problems along the way, yet if he is understanding and leads with compassion, yet fairly he can be respected and honored within his role.  
Taking time to listen to the lady is so important and something that a man must learn to do if he is to ever be an effective leader.  Listening is more than with just the ears it is also with the heart.  A lady desires her man's attention and is deeply fulfilled when he gives her the attention that she is longing and looking for.  When she goes without this attention there begins to be disharmony within the relationship.  If he doesn't learn how to listen as well as communication in response there will be disharmony.  Communication from both parties is so vital to making the relationship work.  One must really think about what they say and how it is received from the other person.  
There are many illustrations and examples given to better help a couple work through any areas of conflict.  Bringing a conflict to a peaceful resolution is helpful to both involved and strengthens the relationship.  There is additional resources listed for reference and additional study.
This is a very insightful book for any couple who desires to make their relationship deeper, stronger and more fruitful as they move forward together.
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4 of 5 stars

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