Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Not So Ordinary Life

My Not-So-Ordinary Life

Author Christine Rice takes the reader along the journey of her life.  She begins when she was a very young child and describes the anger and hurt of her parents marriage and soon divorce.  She was with both her mother and father throughout her growing up years and experienced many life changing moments.  
While in school she found a strong desire to read and later to write.  She was very good in her studies and most of the teachers took to her as a gifted student.  She didn't find friends easily as she was introverted and stayed to herself.   As she got older she decided that she needed to get out and experience life on her own rather than what she was learning in school.  She left living with her father and went to her boyfriend.  They got an apartment, enjoyed drugs, drinking and parties.  Soon she goes into the school and withdraws herself  becoming a high school dropout.  Later she earned her GED and quit her retail job.  She soon took another job and with frustration soon quit it as well.  Later she moved out of her boyfriend's grandmothers house and moved back in with her father.  In and out of this home and she was on her own, living in a car, etc....  What a life of ups and downs she was finding herself to be in.
She later found herself to be so depressed she tried to take her life.  She battled with this depression and drug use for a long time.  One day it dawned on her that she must quit the drugs or die.  She did and began to live.
After many additional events Christine found herself enrolled in school getting a degree in English so she could be a professional writer.  She is now enjoying that dream.
Author Christine Rice provided this book free for my honest and personal review.
4 of 5 stars

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