Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amazing Story of Perseverance

This book provides valuable insight into how a stroke effects someone; physically, mentality, emotionally and spiritually.  While the book shares what may happen to the body, such as signs that one is having a stroke, it goes much deeper than that. 
Michael experiences a stroke while asleep, yet the purpose of writing this book is to encourage and empower the person who has experienced having a stroke, to not give up but rather to press on to full recovery.
The author shares three great things that the reader certainly needs to capture while reading this book.  They are:  
"1) My faith in God,
 2) My love for my wife and daughter, 
 3) The sense of wonder and the heart of a child."

Michael's rebuilding process involved many things, but one was a journal of which he kept his daily thoughts, activities and results in.  He set a date that he wanted to get out on the golf course again and began to work toward that date.  Even if the doctor's, nurses, etc... thought he was silly for sitting such a quick date, he wouldn't be side-tracked, rather he stayed focused on what he desired to achieve.  He refused to get depressed and allow doubt to cloud his mind.  Even when the doctors told him, he might get depressed and that was normal, he refused to believe it and chose to ride above the clouds of negativity.  He used laughter, jokes, humor in a very unique way to keep himself and others around him far from being depressed.
There is a heart warming story of how Michael was asked to participate in the 2002 Winter Olympics as a support runner for the torch relay.  While I don't want to give away any of the story for the reader, just know that it is well worth reading the book for this one story included.

There is a bonus section in the e-book by Michael's wife Victoria.  She shares how she encountered the death of her father and 30 years later feeling many of the same emotions as her husband had a stroke and the uncertainty that came with it.  While all their married life Michael was her rock, she now began to encourage and push Michael on as he went through intense rehabilitation.  Victoria encourages spouses to be there for each other and not bail out on them when the going gets rough. 
There is also an exercise section within the book that will help anyone who has encountered a stoke.
This is definitely a 5 of 5 star book.

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