Monday, August 27, 2012

How To Listen To Your Children

How to Listen to Your Children

Author DeEthel Horton writes a very interesting book on how an adult can learn from looking at and listening to their children.  From a infant to adulthood the sounds, cries, noises, etc... that a child makes will help a parent tell what is going on within that child.  Is the child angry, hurt, upset or happy may depend on the sound that comes from them thus letting the parent know what is happening.
She has a section within the book on how hate, tolerance, love and self-control determines many of the insights that one receives as an adult to how the child is feeling.  There is a need for full time parenting as the child needs much love, nurture and understanding while in these so important years.  
There is a view that DeEthel shares that I found to be very important.  She says concerning a bad family life that it shows without a word being spoken.  It shows in three ways:  "1.  Hurt is in the face, 2. Tremble is in the voice and 3. Tears are in the eyes."  This is something that adults would be wise to take time to look for.  How many times has an adult looked at a child wondering why they are acting the way they are when in reality they may be seeking help for the hurt they are experiencing.
While a very short 30 page book it is a very thought challenging book for a parent to be reminded that one must take time for their children and invest within them in a positive manner, because soon they will have their own children to raise.
This book was provided by Dorrance Publishing Company for my honest review.

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