Monday, August 20, 2012

Dangerous & Delightful

Network of Killers

This is a story of organized crime located in Kansas City, Missouri.  While many may feel that the Mafia are long gone, author D.B. Reynolds in his book, "Network of Killers" leads the reader along paths that prove otherwise.  There are many examples of the River Quay and the Teamsters and how these groups impacted the city life.  
The author also shows how the Galluccio family soon took control of many of many of the businesses in the area and dominated all that happened.  The businesses that opposed them, they soon put out of operation, many in a very unfriendly way.  There is the importance of standing with your family and what happens when one strays from the fold.  The Mafia made their own rules and expected everyone else to follow them.  They were inside the government and had many of the political figures in their pocket.  There wasn't anything they couldn't do if they wanted to.  They had an uncanny ability of turning thousands of dollars into millions through their way of conducting business.  Perfection within their operation was expected and less than that often brought death.  
FBI agents were murdered and seeing that happen is a costly experience for one's life.  Follow the author's trail as he leads the reader along many adventures found within the pages of this book.
This is mature read as there are very lifelike examples of the Mafia which include: porn, prostitutes, murder, drugs, etc....
If you enjoy crime, action and a hint of mystery then you will enjoy this book.
4 of 5 stars

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