Monday, August 27, 2012

God Made me Pick Up Underwear

God Made Me Pick Up Underwear: Finding Faith in Unusual Places

This is a very rewarding book that details the life of Orlando U. Javien, Jr. as he discovers new adventurous in the growing of his faith.  Orlando had many rewards as far as earthly treasures are concerned.  He had a fine home, cars, job, wife, children, etc... but his spiritual faith was stale at best.  One day he felt the need to explore this part of his life as he knew that he was far from where he wanted and even more importantly he should be.  As he began to search out his need to learn more about God and fill this intense hunger, he learned of a men's prayer meeting group that was the seed to began to change his life.  He found an urgency to get rid of the things that wasn't making him truly happy and focus on God and the things that would make Him pleased with his life, knowing it would improve the quality of his life.
Orlando and his wife Beth didn't communicate well.  Orlando felt that by providing more that he was doing his part, yet Beth wanted him and his attention.  She desired for Orlando to talk and spend time with her more than just having the resources to buy new things.  She desired for him to spend time with the children other than just having them in the same room while he watch television. 
Soon Orlando began to see that the things that had him hooked in life were destroying him and his relationship with his family.  He made some radical choices and soon involved his wife, men's group, etc... into his life in a greater degree to hold him accountable and to keep him honest.  Over time, he began to see a great improvement of how he learned to communicate with Beth and his children.  He focused more on them rather than what was on the web and television.  He learned that having the bigger house wasn't as important as having a loving, caring home.
If you desire to learn more about the faith and how one can become stronger and deeper in their love for God, this will be an enjoyable read for you.
5 of 5 stars.

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