Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kick The Clutter

Clutter is a problem for many people.  Papers being misplaced, looking for keys at the last minute while rushing out the door, and other things that cause families stress levels to increase.  This book deals with confronting the issue rather than burying it hoping it will go away.
The author suggests making a schedule of how one can go about attacking the clutter within the house.  There is one great message here from Ms. Black.  She says:  "Make a schedule that fits YOUR needs and how YOU work."  This could truly be a make it or break it concerning conquering clutter.
There is a list of organizing skills to help the reader move forward in making their house clutter free.  The author also breaks down each room within the house giving ideals of how to best handle those problem areas.  When learning how to remove the clutter one builds motivation, reduces stress and other great benefits that makes their home a much happier place.  I would recommend this book to anyone looking to better improve their living conditions.
5 of 5 stars

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