Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Her Lone Star Cowboy - Debra Clopton

Her Lone Star Cowboy (Love Inspired)

Debra Clopton does it again with another beautiful story in Mule Hollow.  Jess Holden and his two brothers have experienced a life time of pain brought on by their alcoholic father and their mother who abandoned them.  While Luke and Colt were able to deal with these issues in their own way, Jess continued to hold on to them over 20 years causing a great amount of discomfort and confusion of how he viewed God.
Gabi returns to where her family lives after narrowly escaping an accident where she almost killed a family while she was drunk.  After being confronted by an ER nurse while in the hospital of her actions, Gabi determined to never be in that situation again, giving her life to Christ and moving to where her family lives she is determined to strengthen her new found faith in Christ.
It is here she meets Jess and both are smitten and can't escape what they feel for each other.  While both have  many issues they must work through, God works within their lives causing them to see that He desires for them to be together and live a life pleasing to Him.
I appreciate Debra's writing and feel you will enjoy this story very much.
4.5 of 5 stars.

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