Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cleanse Diets: How to Lose Weight With Shakeology, Blueprint Cleanse, Master Cleanse, and More!

There are certainly pros and cons listed within this book of doing a cleanse.  Some suggest it is the way to clean out your system while others declare that it is to hard on your body causing it to think it will starve.
Shakeology is the most gentle of the cleanses, where it is suggested to just replace one meal a day with a shake.
Another way to loose weight discussed within the book is the BluePrint Cleanse. This cleans involves six juices filled with vegetables, fruits and nuts replacing solid food for juices.  While this does product quick results it also is harder on your body and is more intense than most people would like.  This is also a very expensive program costing up to $65.00 per day.
The third cleanse mentioned within the book is the Master Cleanse.  This is by far the hardest on the body, yet yielding the most results representing the closest thing to a real fast. 
The following statement found within the book, is very fasnaticing to me: "Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, points out that this kind of diet can be dangerous to your health because it is deficient in 'all the essential nutrients':  calories, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat.  She also brings up the fact that the Master Cleanse does not prescribe any kind of exercise, 'probably because physical activity would be difficult on a starvation diet,'  and that the pounds shed from the serious calorie deficit comes from water weight and muscle loss, not fat loss."
Fat isn't the first thing to go on a starvation diet rather lean muscle and fluids.  For clarification the author states how the Shakeology could be used long term while the Master Cleanse isn't meant but for short term use.
This was found to be a very interesting and insightful book that gives advice on how to best go about losing weight with the proper diet techniques.  
4 of 5 stars.
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